99,00 incl. VAT

Category: Attachable heels for styling and comfort on stilettos, Heel protector

Embellishments: White goose feathers and Pearls

Fit: HEELBOPPS are the first ATTACHABLE HEELS worldwide, which do not change the silhouette of the shoe, but make every heel comfortable and stable! HEELBOPPS fit on ANY SPIKED HEEL up to 1.3cm diameter, (measured on 5cm height), no matter which form the heel has.

Colors: Pearl White and red sole

Material: 80 % Aluminium/ 20% Epoxy/ 65% Nylon 35% PU/ 100% PU/ Goose feathers

Kitten HEELBOPPS (3-4 cm) upon request.

Handmade in Germany

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