During Fashion Week at PREMIUM

We were back in time for the Fashion Week in Berlin. Among many exhibitors, the HEELBOPPS TEAM has proven and managed to get a booth at PREMIUM again. This time with the new summer collection. It should be colorful! Attracting attention. Whether neon orange, mint or a bright red / violet we got something for everyone. At the party of Brand Media HEELBOPPS was an eye-catcher. Even the chief editor of the Madame, „Petra Winter“ was inspired by HEELBOPPS likewise numerous editors of EQUISTYLE, JOLIE and the textile industry. It was a great night for HEELBOPPS!

The 2nd day of the fair had another excitement for us. We were invited to a fashion show by Holy Ghost. The shoes were sponsored by Nat-2 and I fell in love with them immediately. A couple of us ordered them cause they fit perfectly with the new collection of HEELBOPPS !!! But the highlight for us was meeting Lena Meyer-Landrut and offering her a pair of Heelbopps which she really enjoyed.

After 3 exciting and awesome days HEELBOPPS says goodnight!