24,90 incl. VAT

Styling heels and heel protectors, to walk with more comfort on high-heels on any ground and to add some glam and style to your outfit!
…for round about £23 only…
BLACK GLITTER HEELBOPPS made out of real star dust
– pimp you pumps! –

HEELBOPPS fit on ANY SPIKED HEEL up to 1.3cm diameter, (measured on 5cm height) no matter what shape, or on ANY HEEL up to 1.8cm diameter, (measured on 3-4cm height).

HEELBOPPS are the first ATTACHABLE HEELS worldwide not changing the shoe’s silhouette , but making high-heels super comfortable!

GLAM: Glitter foil

Alternative combinations of glitter foil and sole upon request.

Shipping time can vary & can take up to 10 days!

65% Nylon 35% PU / 100% PU


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Stardust Color

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